As part of our aim to provide as many nesting opportunities as possible, providing some opportunities for owls  and kestrels was something we were very keen to do. We purchased 2 tawny boxes, 1 barn owl box, a kestrel box  and 1 Little owl box. These are large, roomy boxes, providing plenty of space for these species. The Little owl box has a tunnel-type entrance, whilst the Tawny boxes have a more open porch entrance.


These were purchased from The Barn Owl Centre, based in Gloucester. Being a local company,Vince, the owner, was able to come out and kindly help get these rather heavy boxes up into position.










I fitted cameras in all of these boxes, with one having a high tech, HD Vivotek camera and the others having High Res Nestbox-type cameras. These are all cabled back to hubs, which are then cabled back to a central computer in the house. This computer uses iCatcher Console software to monitor and record footage from the cameras.


Through these and other cameras, we also discovered we had some Buzzards visiting regularly to the perch outside one of the tawny boxes. We filmed them as well.



Click on the links below to find out more about each box and to see footage captured from the cameras set up inside.



Yew View Raptors

Woodland Tawny Box

Vivotek Tawny Box

Tawny Owl one_00010

& Perch

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 21.38.36

Little Owl Box




Barn Owl Box

Kestrel Box

Coming soon.....

Coming soon.....

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 22.36.01