Yew View Harvest Mice

We had no idea that we had Harvest mice at Yew View until a couple of individuals turned up in our Mammal Box! Delighted, we set up a series of feeding stations around the area in which they had been seen; the reeds around a small wildlife pond. We were able to capture some lovely footage of them coming to feed throughout the winter.


As the weather improved and food supplies improved, we saw less of them, but hope they will return as the weather gets colder again.






Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 14.02.03

We have some lovely footage of our harvest mice, but the hardest thing is to create somewhere where they can feed away from other rodents! Despite building a cahe with 2.5cm grid, the young rats can still get in. This winter a new cage will be built with an even smaller grid to keep the rats out so our harvest mice can feed in peace!