Yew View Bushnell Captures

We are using Bushnell Trail cams on site at Yew View to help us get a picture of the wildlife on site and how it moves around.  These trail cams run on AA batteries and  are triggered by an animal moving in front of the passive Infrared sensor. The unit will then either take a still or an HD video. This footage is then saved onto an SD card and can be uploaded onto the computer.


We will be building up a bank of videos and stills over the next few years to document as much wildlife as possible! Check out out Bushnell Montage Page, as this will show a still of every species captured by these Bushnells.




A screen capture for every Bushnell species

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This page will showcase the best of our Bushnell clips

Bushnell Badgers

Bushnell Foxes

Bushnell Riverside

Bushnell Birds

Other Bushnell Mammals

bob 008Rabbit_00000 075StarlingYoungsters_00000 Moorhen86_00000 Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 21.29.34 BadgerDig_uselatrine167_00000

Bushnell Kingfishers


Bushnell Bird Bath

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